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Reading/ Writing Support
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Fall 2016: SD 46 offers Universal Usage to every student and staff member on reading and writing software. Contact Sandy Magnussen,
Technology Coordinator for training and information. 604-740-7274

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Snap and Read is reading support available to all students in SD 46. Supports reading any web text in as a Chrome extension or any document on your laptop.
Click here for more information and video  New Link
Snap&Read~is your Next-Generation reading tool for Google Chrome covering the most diverse reading needs
Reads accessible and inaccessible text aloud.
ï Works across Google Drive, email, websites, Kindle Cloud Reader, and PDFs
ï Works offline
ï Dynamic Text Leveling
ï Study tools
ï Translation into over 100~languages

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Check it out here New Link


Kurzweil 3000 is reading, writing  and learning software for students challenged by traditional reading materials and writing options.
Widely recognized as the most comprehensive and integrated solution for addressing literacy difficulties, Kurzweil embraces and supports the concept
of Universal Design for Learning by making print materials available to a broaf spectrum of learners.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) defines as " the design of products and environments to be used by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for
adaptation or specialized design." The concept of UDL was oroginally coined in architecture and has since been applied to the development of useful classroom practices and tools.
"Universal" does not mean that one tool is right for everyone, it means that we need to helpto find the tool that is right for each unique learner.
UDL supports current research on neuroscience that says each brain processes information differently. Successful teaching and learning involves addressing these differences,

School District 46 has purchased a district license for Kurzweil 3000. This means that all students and teachers have a user name and password for using Kurzweil.
Kurzweil Firefly can be also accessed at home through

Click on the link to see an introduction to Kurzweil Firefly. New Link  and to an introduction to Kurzweil student support New Link

With your user name and password, available from your support teacher or Sandy Magnussen, Special Education  Technology  Coordinator (,
your student can access all of the support that Kurzweil can offer.

Contact Sandy Magnussen (604) 740-7274  for more information on how Kurzweil software can support both reading and writing in our district. Limited lisences are available.

Last Modified: Nov 16, 2016