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National Film Board
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National Film Board gives you  access to over 3,400 French and English classroom-ready films, clips, and trailers. This agreement provides the largest collection of Canadian media available.

In addition to the collection. Educators can also access the following feature and functionalities:
                - Search by age level and curriculum subject area
                - 1000+ Educational study guides
                - Educator personal & private accounts
                - Playlist and Chaptering functionalities (Educator curating functionalities)
                - Ability to share playlists and lessons with students
                - Interactive productions
                - MARC Records (upon request)
                -Notification of continuous updated collections

Your subscription offers two separate levels of access, one for students and one for educators.

Students can access more than 6,000 films and other media simply by going to while using any school computer for which an IP address has been provided. Additionally, students have access to playlists and chapters, created and shared by an educator, while using any computer at home or school.

Educators can access everything that students do, as well as all the tools and resources that make CAMPUS unique. To get access to these features, you will need to activate your individual account. You can activate your account by following this link: 

To learn more about the features offered by CAMPUS, watch the video tutorials found here, once you’ve created your account.

Last Modified: Mar 01, 2017