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Apps for Mobile Devices
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Accessibility Built In!

Accessibility to support access to curriculum
The principles of UDL encourage classroom differentiation through the provision of multiple mean of representation, multiple means of expression and multiple means of engagement.
Mac computers: Universal Design Features Built In
Built in text to speech accessible through System Preferences:
Choose Speech, then Text to Speech, and Speak selected text when key is pressed. We use Command ñT. Set it, highlight the text and it reads!!
Other Universal Design features available (Voice over, Zoom…)

Newer MacBooks running OS 10.8 and above, also have built in Speech to text: Speak and your words appear!
Set this up in the same location in System Preferences.

iPad has same built in text reader features with IOS 6  and beyond!
To set up:
Settings-General-Accessibility- Speak Selection ON. Will then read aloud  and highlight text in Notes and many apps, including iBooks and the web

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Last Modified: Feb 27, 2015